Ngdroid Game Engine

Ngdroid Engine is a game engine which is developed in Java language, provides 2 dimensional mobile games and turns its imagination into games and aims to increase the number of programmers in mobile gaming sector. It is designed to be used in mobile game development activities as well as coding training given to young people aged 17 and over.

Technical specifications

- Ngdroid Engine game engine is developed in Java software language.
- Supports Android API 15 and above.
- It uses the Canvas library of the Android operating system as a graphics library.


Target group

Graphic designers, Computer engineering, Software engineering, Computer programming and other related department students who want to improve their games. for individuals.

Usage areas

Developed by our company is used in 2 dimensional professional games.

Ngdroid Engine is used in coding trainings for high school and university students. Some of these tutorials are listed below:
- Başakşehir LivingLab Mobile Game Development Training,
- Istanbul University Mobile Game Development Training,
- İstanbul Aydın University Mobile Game Development Training,
- GökJet Aviation Anatolian Vocational High School Mobile Game Development Training and Various game coding workshops.

Future Plans

- An online store will be opened where Ngdroid Engine contents will be sold. It will be sold in yun templates that use the Ngdroid Engine game engine in this store. Game developers will be able to publish their own products by taking these templates. The store is planned to open in September 2018.

- Ngdroid Engine is used in coding training given by various public institutions.

In this type of training, since the programming of games is carried out besides robotic programming, it is also possible to develop programs for Lego EV3 and drone products by adding related software libraries to Ngdroid Engine game engine.