About Us

Gamelab Istanbul team operates in 3 different offices with a staff of 60 people.


Our founder team's game development adventure began in 2006 by setting up Mobilenter Mobile Game Studios. Mobilenter is one of the first companies in the sector and in the world. As of 2010, the company had a portfolio of 21 games and 3 offices. The offices were located in Istanbul, Lancaster, and Northern San Jose / USA. 2 of the 10 most downloaded games in the history of Fetch are Mobilenter games. The company's games are prepared in 11 languages ​​and 46 videos have been published in the name of 100. Mobile phone to shrink mobile phone stood. The team of Nitra Gaming Software Ltd. in April 2014 of the old Java games. Sti. founded the company.


Our founding team has developed and launched 1 OpenGL ES-like graphical interface, 13 game engines and 26 games in the 11-year period from 2006 to the end of 2016. Although it is a small company, Nitra is one of the companies with the largest know-how in the world.

In August 2016, Science, following the publication of the Regulation, the Ministry of Industry and Technology R & D, to Nitram was allocated by KOSGEB support Turkey's first R & D in this sector. Within the scope of this support, an office company was given free of charge to an office in the Technology Development Center within the central campus of Istanbul Aydın University. including all of the games due to engine software development, software company awarded the first game of this support in Turkey Nitra Game Software Ltd. Sti. It has been.


R & D Regulation 5g. In the case of an external game engine when developing game software, the product loses its qualification as a R & D project. However, there are very few companies and experts in game engine development in our country. Moving to the new office within the Technology Development Center, our founding team collaborated with the universities in order to help them overcome this problem and laid the foundation of Gamelab Istanbul.

In the office where KOSGEB İstanbul Aydın University has allocated free of charge in Technology Development Center, Nitra managers and established with the participation of 24 university students Gamelab Istanbul, February 13, 2017 the day of the launch of Turkey's largest mobile gaming business as a software development team.