Game Development Internship

Gamelab Istanbul offers a unique internship opportunity for CS and CG students!


Gamelab Istanbul is the only institution in the world that provides game engine development training to students. Students who complete pre-training are assigned to state-sponsored official R&D projects. At the end of the internship, students are given a certificate documenting their internship.



Gamelab Istanbul develops game engines. It is the first game software company in Turkey, entitled to receive R&D support from the government. Our team has published 28 mobile games since 2007 and has developed 13 different game engines for them. In addition to game engine programming activities, before various public institutions; Game coding training is provided to university students, young people, children and the public. Gamelab Istanbul internship program starts with a 1-week pre-training tour. In the pre-training, a sample mini game with its own engine is written to the software students. Designer students are given training in modeling, texture preparation and animation with Photoshop and 3ds Max programs.

After the pre-training, students are assigned as R&D team members in official R&D projects supported by state institutions. C ++ and Java languages ​​are used in software. Since they are official R&D team members, the names of the students and their work are regularly reported to state institutions such as TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB. During teamwork, various on-the-job trainings and seminars such as Git System, team management, introduction to Photoshop for programmers continue.

At the end of the internship, students are presented with an internship certificate. Gamelab Istanbul internship program; It is one of the strongest internship programs in the world with its pre-trainings, official R&D studies and certification system.