Mobile Game Development

In this course, how a 2D mobile game is developed from the beginning to the release stage is taught through workshops.

Gamelab Istanbul aims to raise a society that not only consumes but also produces technology. Mobile games are technological products that have become extremely popular today. However, its production in our country is extremely limited. Mobile Game Development Trainings are given by Gamelab Istanbul in order to increase the share of the mobile game industry, which has become a big sector in the world, to develop quality products and to increase the brand value of the country.

The aim of the program is to teach the participants how to develop mobile games from today's popular areas. The aim of the workshop is to develop and publish a sample game from scratch until its release.

The workshop teaches how to develop a mobile game. The participant develops the sample game practically. All the problems he encounters are dealt with one by one.

Game development using a game engine is not taught in MOGE. The game engine is written by the participant himself. MOGE takes the participant's general programming knowledge to the next level.


* Turkey's only one in its field, is the world's most powerful training programs.
* With this training program, the participants reach the formation that can develop and publish high quality mobile games. For this reason, an extremely powerful and quality training program has been prepared.
* In general, in software training, after the developer training is completed, he faces difficulties in how to use the information he received in training while developing his own product. Information support at MOGE continues after training. Mentor mentor support is provided to the participant during the development of his own product.
* To the participant who develops and publishes his own product; Mentor support is also provided in order to communicate with granting institutions, publishers, investors and incubators.
* It creates the opportunity to easily enter a high-income and qualified job abroad.
* It provides the opportunity to find a job much more easily in domestic software companies, not only in game software companies.
* Provides the opportunity to start a startup with high brand value potential with a low capital.
* Teaches product development suitable for support programs such as TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB.
* At the end of our training, the participant is given a Mobile Game Development Specialist Certificate by Gamelab Istanbul.