Advanced Game Programming

In Advanced Game Programming Education, it is taught how to program and develop a 3D game using C ++ language.

The participant who successfully completes the MOGE Training proceeds to advanced game programming training. It is taught how to program and develop a 3d game using Android Studio and C ++ language. The GlistEngine Game Engine developed by Gamelab Istanbul is used. When the training starts, a project is opened from scratch and at the end of the training, the project is completed and the product is released.

Game Programming is a special specialty that has its own characteristics. For example, in some games, 200 trillion transactions per second are made by the processor. Problems such as slowdown and heating caused by high processing amount are solved with special software techniques. In Advanced Game Programming Training, the game engine is developed by the participant personally. For this reason, high level programming techniques are taught to the participant. At the end of the training, the participant's programming knowledge reaches the highest level. These studies enable our participants to overcome any application that may arise in business life at the end of the training.