AI Programming Course With C++

AI Programming Course With C++ teaches how to program artificial intelligence and deep learning applications using the C++ language.

Artificial intelligence is an application area that aims to create software that has the ability to think and learn like a human, using machine learning, deep learning, and similar technologies. Creating a revolutionary step in the world of software and technology, artificial intelligence produces various results by processing data. Artificial intelligence, which is a newly established field, offers great and important opportunities to developers.

Gamelab Istanbul is the world's first and only institution that organizes AI Programming Courses with C++. This course is a unique training program designed to train artificial intelligence engineers for their further carrier in high technology companies operating around the world. If you aim to develop artificial intelligence-supported applications, work in the world's big technology companies, lead the artificial intelligence revolution, and make a unique career, you should definitely attend this course!

AI Programming Course with C++ takes 16 weeks (total of 64 hours). The course consists of 3 main stages. In the first stage, C++ language is taught, and in the second stage, the development of NLP, data analysis and machine vision software using artificial intelligence and machine learning is explained by developing various projects in practice. In the last stage, you will learn how to develop a GUI application for computers, how to design the screen, and how to create controls. At the end of the course, the student will have access to information that will develop all kinds of artificial intelligence and machine learning programs.


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WHO IS IT SUITABLE FOR? It is a suitable course program for computer engineers, professional computer programmers, engineering and programming students and professionals who want to work in other professions and develop artificial intelligence applications in their field.

C++ (24 hours)
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (1 hours)
NLP with Artificial Intelligence (4 hours)
Data Analysis with Artificial Intelligence (15 hours)
Machine Vision with Artificial Intelligence (4 hours)
Application Design (16 hours)

For detailed course content, fill out and submit the training application form. One of our officials will contact you and give you detailed information.