Internship Program

Gamelab Istanbul develops game engines and games. It is the first game software company, entitled to receive R&D support from the government in Turkey. Our team has published 28 mobile games since 2007 and has developed 13 different game engines for them. In addition to game engine programming activities, in various public institutions; Game coding training is provided to university students, young people, children and the public.

Gamelab Istanbul internship program starts with a 1-week pre-training tour. In the pre-training, a sample mini game with its own engine is written with software developer students. Designer students are provided with training in modeling, texture preparation and animation with Photoshop and 3ds Max programs. After the pre-training, students are assigned as R&D team members in official R&D projects supported by state institutions. C ++ and Java languages ​​are used in software. Since they are official R&D team members, the names of the students and their work are regularly reported to state institutions such as TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB. During teamwork, various on-the-job trainings and seminars such as Git System, team management, introduction to Photoshop for programmers continue. At the end of the internship, students are presented with an internship certificate.

Gamelab Istanbul internship program is one of the strongest internship programs in the world with its pre-trainings, official R&D studies and certification system.



All the activities of Gamelab Istanbul are carried out with the students. Since game engine software is an advanced field of expertise, pre-training is given to students in the first week of their internship. In the trainings given to software students, a sample mobile game with its own engine is written. Design students are given modeling, texture and animation training with 3ds Max.


Since game development is an area that students love and show interest in, we have many friends who work for more than one term in our staff. As time passes, students master and master the tasks they carry out. The pre-trainings given to new intern students are given by our former students who specialize in their jobs. Providing education raises the student's level of knowledge to a very high level. Loss of information is also minimized by teaching the acquired knowledge from student to student and transferring it to future generations of the team. This student-to-student knowledge transfer methodology, which has been carried out regularly since 2007 and has become highly institutionalized, is defined as Learn-Do-Teach within our team.

Our senior management ensures that the system operates properly and that students receive applied knowledge at a high level that will contribute to the official R&D project they will be assigned.


After the pre-trainings are completed, students are assigned to state-sponsored R&D projects and work in these project teams as an official team member until the end of their internship program. Our R & D projects are projects that have been approved by stating that they will be carried out with students at the application stage. The progress of the projects is regularly monitored by government agencies. During the audits, the names of the students, their education information and their work in the team are examined one by one and reported to the relevant government institutions.

In traditional companies, students doing internships cannot take a lot of work in the jobs of the main staff of the company. In Gamelab Istanbul's innovative working system, students are assigned to official R&D projects, even beyond normal activities. The team leadership of these projects is carried out by students who have reached advanced stages within our team. Generally speaking, our R&D projects are R&D projects carried out and developed by students. For this reason, it would not be wrong to define Gamelab Istanbul as a high technology company where students work and manage.


At the end of the internship program, students are given a certificate in English to be used in graduate and job applications. The degrees of the certificates are listed as follows.

1st degree: Game developer certificate, Graphic designer certificate, Game designer certificate or Public relations officer certificate
2nd degree: Laborant certificate
3rd degree: Senior labor certification
4th degree: Team leader certificate
5th grade: Senior team leader certification
6th degree: Unit manager certificate
7th degree: Senior unit manager certification
8th degree: Product manager certification
9th degree: Senior product manager certification

In each internship period when the student participates in the internship in Gamelab Istanbul team, the student is given a certificate at a higher level than the previous one.

Students who attend the winter semesters (1st and 2nd semesters) and those who work 4 and 5 days a week are given 2 levels of seniority at the end of the semester. When calculated in terms of the number of working days, it is necessary to have served at least 56 working days or more in order to get double seniority in a period.

Before starting their internship in Gamelab Istanbul, students who have received training from the Gamelab Istanbul team in the trainings organized by a public institution are considered to have completed the 1st degree of the Gamelab Istanbul internship.

In order to provide education in the Learn-Do-Teach system, it is necessary to have at least a Laborant Certificate.

In order to send a student's CV to overseas gaming companies, the student must have at least a Senior Laborant Certificate, a GPA above 3.00 and a fluent English.

Gamelab Istanbul business cards are given to students who have Team Leader Certificate and continue their internship.

Level Detection: If Gamelab Istanbul management deems necessary, it can make a level test for the student before issuing a certificate. If the exam fails, the student is not given a higher certificate, the dates of the previous certificate are updated. If it is only at the first level, a certificate of participation in the internship program is given. Students who fail to get the upper certificate lose their priority rights in the next semester.

Seniority Completion: Associate degree students can get a Senior Team Leader certificate at most. In so far, if the student continues his internship and passes the vertical transfer exam at a later date, his seniority is completed by giving the certificate of all the upper degrees he has completed in between.


Gamelab Istanbul has 2 offices in the Florya Campus of Istanbul Aydın University, which have been allocated by KOSGEB as a grant. Interns work in these offices.

In the summer months, apart from our own offices, computer laboratories are allocated by universities with which we cooperate strategically. For this reason, our internship staff in summer groups are generally higher than in winter groups.



Taso is a 3D soccer game engine. Written exclusively for the game TASO Football. It continues to be developed since 2009 and is updated regularly every year. Taso game engine was developed in Java language in the first years. It was moved to the C ++ language at the beginning of 2014. There is an R&D support allocated to this game engine by KOSGEB.


Taso is a simplified version of the game engine. It provides the development of 3D games. It is used in team trainings and Game Coding 301 trainings for university students. It is a semi-professional game engine written in C ++ language.


It is a semi-professional game engine written in Java language. It provides the development of 2D games. It is used in team trainings and Game Coding 201 trainings for university students. This engine is also used in various more advanced trainings within the team.


It is used to provide coding training to young people in middle school and high school. It is a Turkish game engine developed in Java language. It is used in Game Coding 101 and Game Coding 102 trainings given by Gamelab Istanbul.


An R&D support application has been made to TÜBİTAK for our general purpose mobile game engine project named GAMOM. If our project is approved, a separate team will be formed for this project. The GAMOM project is a fully professional game engine project planned to be developed in C ++ language. It is planned to get a share of the growing world game engine market.


As Gamelab Istanbul, we provide game programming trainings in various public institutions and organizations. Our trainee students who have reached advanced levels in these trainings are appointed as instructors.

In order to be assigned to trainings conducted outside the institution, it is necessary to have at least the Gamelab Istanbul Team Leader Certificate and to have previously trained in the Learn-Do-Teach system.


We give seminars and participate in various events in universities and public institutions on game engine development.


There are basically 3 teams in the Gamelab Istanbul staff. These are the Taso team, Kendi Oyunum team and the DEVGIRLS team.

The Taso team carries out the development of the engine software and design of the 3D football game Taso 18, which is also available on Google Play.

Kendi Oyunum Team carries out the development of My Own Game Game Engine, which has been prepared for educational purposes.

The DEVGIRLS team is a team established to positively affect the female-male distribution of Gamelab Istanbul staff and to increase the share of our women in the software industry. Our female students are software developers, designers and public relations officers in the team. Students to join the DEVGIRLS staff are specially selected. It is an extremely strong team in terms of technical knowledge and very interconnected within itself.


Gamelab in Istanbul cadres from different universities in Istanbul and Turkey, from different departments, there are different grades of students. The compulsory internship programs of all schools and departments have different features. As mentioned before, special trainings are given to students doing internships in Gamelab Istanbul. Naturally, it is not possible to provide these trainings separately for each student participating in the internship. For this reason, Gamelab Istanbul internship program has its own periods. Our students must apply and attend the appropriate internship period.

Gamelab Istanbul has 3 internship periods per year.

The 1st semester is a 14-week semester that lasts throughout the fall semester of the universities. Students who will participate in this period are required to attend the internship at least 2 days a week. Internship days are decided together according to the student's course schedule and the availability of our offices. Working hours are between 09:00 and 17:00. There is a 99% attendance requirement. In case of late work, the student is ignored for half a day.

The 2nd semester is a 14-week term that lasts throughout the spring semester of the universities. Students who will participate in this period are required to attend the internship at least 2 days a week. Internship days are decided together according to the student's course schedule and the availability of our offices. Working hours are between 09:00 and 17:00. There is a 99% attendance requirement. In case of late work, the student is ignored for half a day.

The 3rd semester is a 12-week program covering the summer. It is required for students to come to work place for 5 days during the week. The internship place is determined according to the laboratory facilities and the needs of Gamelab Istanbul. Working hours are between 09:00 and 17:00. There is a 99% attendance requirement. In case of late work, the student is ignored for half a day.

The internship program for students with more than 30 days of compulsory internships, students of technology faculties and other university students who have an internship requirement of 5 days a week for 1 semester is organized by meeting with the student. Students in this situation must apply to the relevant semesters on our internship application page and submit their special situation to us by writing in the "Additional Information" box at the end of the application page.

If the absenteeism limit is exceeded, the student is removed from the internship program. The internship book is not signed and no certificate is given. The student in this situation loses the priority right in the next term.


A large number of applications are made to Gamelab Istanbul for summer internship periods. In order to meet the increasing demand in these periods, additional computer laboratories are procured from universities with which we cooperate strategically. In this way, our staff is growing considerably in our summer groups. With the aim of contributing to the strengthening of our country's position in the global IT sector, our internship periods, which we have realized in summer and mentioned above as the 3rd and 4th terms, are carried out under the name of Summercamp.

In our summercamp periods, besides our usual work; Leading names of the sector are invited to various events such as seminars, speeches and workshops.

The Summercamp organization is managed by a committee of our students.

Summercamp is no different from our winter internship periods except for the name. As in our winter groups, students are accepted only for compulsory internships.