Fall semester begins in game internship

The internship applications of the Gamelab Istanbul fall semester have started.Since the game engine software and mobile games developed by Gamelab Istanbul Turkey holds the most comprehensive internship program.

Istanbul and Turkey during the summer offering internship opportunities to students from various universities, 86 companies, started the 2017-2018 school year internship applications for admission for the fall semester.

Gamelab Istanbul offers students a unique internship experience. The internship program starts with a 1 week pre-training tour. In the pre-education stage, the software students are provided with a sample mobile game development. Modeling and animation trainings are given to the designer students. After the trainings are completed, the students are assigned to R & D projects supported by the government. Outside game engines are not used in R & D projects, the whole product is developed by the team. Works are carried out in offices at various universities. During the internship, complementary on-the-job trainings continue. The names and the works of the students are regularly reported to public institutions as they are members of the official R & D team. At the end of the internship, students are certified with internship certificate. The trainee students who have passed various trainings and who work in real projects are getting ready for professional life.

Underlining that Gamelab Istanbul is a brand that always invests in young people, Gamelab Istanbul Corporate Affairs Manager Gonca Genç stated that they aim to publish their products after the internship. "Gamelab Istanbul 11-year internship model developed in the world is a unique innovative work system," said Young, "Advanced training and real R & D projects offer the opportunity to work Gamelab Istanbul, students not only in the game development work, but also in general professional aspects to the next level, "he completed his words.

Students in the departments of computer engineering, software engineering, computer programming, game design, visual communication, cartoon-animation, graphic design and so on are accepted to the internship program. The application period for the fall semester ends on 22.09.2017.

Applications to Gamelab Istanbul internship program are made at http://gamelab.istanbul/en/staj-basvurusu.