Capital Dream June Magazine

Noyan Culum, General Manager of Gamelab Istanbul, answered questions of Capital Dream magazine. In the interview for June of the magazine, our teacher made statements about Nitra Games and Gamelab Istanbul brands and said al When we realize our dream, we will be one of the three biggest publishers in the world.

’’ We reach our imagination in 5-10 years ‘‘

Full text of Capital Dream magazine interview:

Nitra Games is a game software company. Noyan Culum, the company's founder, says they developed mobile and digital games as a company. Indicating that they have recently established the Gamelab Istanbul brand, Culum explains that they have offices in many universities.

Culum then shares her dreams about her job as follows: Our biggest dream for our job is to bring out many world brand games from the products our students produce. Considering the necessity of having a long working period for collecting students and preparing large products, we would like to reach our target at the end of a period of 5-10 years. We have a working plan on training and production processes. I have to say with happiness that we are moving faster than we planned for now. It would be beneficial for the angel investment system to support the entrepreneurial character of the business rather than income and to develop the A group capital instruments for the marketing foot of the business to function more properly. When we realize our dream, we will be one of the world's three biggest publishers.